Healthy Immune System Using Ayurveda

Diet is definitely one of the good aspects to support healthy immune system. Still, there are some aspects require instilling into your daily routine for this purpose too. Sleep and stress too are some of these aspects deserve mentioning in this post. Let us look into these two aspects in detail now


• Minimize Your Stress Levels: Stress is always an important negative factor, when think of health. Minimizing stress has been integral aspect of every healthy regime of the present day humans. Stress has been seen with everyone at present in this world due to work, lifestyle and some more. Here, excess levels of stress got its own kind of significant negative affect over the immune system. The stress hormones got super capacity to suppress your body’s immune system. Generally, when stress is impacting up on us, then body has to respond with some vital responses in a way to combat against the situation and to provide immediate survival. When immune system suppressed by stress hormones, these actions will fail to happen. So, stress is definitely your first enemy for your body’s immune system. So, it is important to keep your stress levels always at low as much as possible in order keep intact well ojas and to bolster body’s immune system. It is true that stress has been general appearance in our daily routine, but gain control on it in a way to keep it always at the lower levels. This kind of approach is essential, when you want healthy immune system.
• Balanced Sleep: Balanced sleep is in general common necessity for every human being and this will helps a lot to the body’s immune system. Many recent studies on animals proven that lacking sleep resulted into immune functioning deficiency. It has been same with humans too by deprived sleep in the form of significant compromise with immunity system. For example, a recent study proved that insufficient sleep kind of situations can lead into cancer risk and deprived sleeping kind of situations will not allow your immunity system to gain control over the growing cancer too. So, always make it sure to have balance sleep in order to keep up your immunity system healthy.
Definitely, sleep and stress got their impact over the immunity system directly. There are many special practices, remedies and treatments are available in ayurveda for the balanced sleep and stress control. Ayurveda provides all these keeping in mind acquiring the healthy immunity system for the body.


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