Skin Care Ayurveda

By adding these measures, you can regulate all the pitta related places in the body besides gaining control over the general skin issues like inflammation and some more too.

1.Diet: Some of the best dietary practices should be your first step here to maintain balanced pitta in your body. This diet with good regulations in it can result into healthy digestion,prevention of toxins formation and gaining control on the imbalance pitta by controlling many skin related issues at one go. Healthy whole foods should be your choices here and add the suitable diet into your daily routine. For strengthening your digestive system, add some herbs into it like coriander, cumin, fennel and some more. Also, it is important to eat right, foods those are good to cool your body, pitta pacifying items and some more. Alaways keep at bay spicy foods, alcohol, chocolates and drinks as those are capable to exacerbate inflammation.
2. Daily Routine: It is important to instill the sense of routine for your body and pitta thrives within this sense of routine well. By keeping a most predictable actions and schedule, you’re encouraging your body and mind very receptive, cool and the grounded. So, make a daily routine and follow it without fail in a way satisfy well your pitta besides keeping it balanced always.
3. Exercise Regime: It is very common for the pitta in your body to be active while atmosphere around is hot that is between 10 and 2 in day time. It is indicating that pitta will be provoked by hot atmospheric condition. So, you need to add an exercise regime daily in the morning in order increase your body heat in a way pitta can be provoked even in the mornings too for you. Make it a practice to exercise in the morning between 6am and 10 am.
4. Meditation, yoga & pranayama: Mind is always quite instrumental in keeping up your body cool. This will keep pitta cool besides keeping you calm too. Ayurveda suggests minimum of 15 minutes daily some special practices addition into your daily routine for keeping your pitta under balance and those are like Empty Bowl Meditation, Nadi Shodhana Pranayama, Sheetali Pranayama, pitta pacifying yoga, Moon Salutation and some more. A specialist can suggest and teach you all and it is good to practice daily yoga, meditation and pranayama in order to keep your pitta balanced throughout the year.
5. Shielding Body from Sun: Prolonged sun exposure can result into intolerant pitta for your body. It is very common to us avoid sun exposure as much as possible. If it is necessary for you to be at outdoors during sun is active, then it is wise and good to shield your body from this active sun. Use suitable clothing and some more addition to avoid this sun exposure otherwise pitta will be intolerant.
6. Cool Baths, Colors and Oils: It is imperative for you to cool and calm down your pitta by adding some practices into your lifestyle. Always use cools baths or at least reduce the temperature of water used for bath. Also, start using some essential oils those kept their name for body cooling. Also, it is a safe practice to use some cooling colors into your daily routine in the form of clothing or any other and those colors are whites, greens, purples, blues and some more.
7. Blood Donation: Blood donation at constant intervals by consulting your family doctor is another good help to pacify your body pitta. When you donate blood, body needs to replace it with some special practices those automatically pacifies pitta. This blood donation will act as removal of excessive heat, toxins and stagnation for the body. This will happen through the body’s process of purification and rejuvenation of the blood.

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